Series of events in the State Spa of Bad Brückenau

Bohemian evening

No type of brass band music is as well-known and popular as "Bohemian" music. With lively melodies, sometimes sentimental, sometimes snappy! Reason enough for young musicians from Lower Franconia to enthusiastically present this Bohemian brass band music.... read on


On the 1st Saturday in the months of May to August, the park is awash with a very special light – a romantic atmosphere in the open air in the park at the Central Foyer. Musically we take an excursion into the world of German beat music, evergreens and mambo, from Latin jazz through hand-made mus... read on


For more than 60 years now, the Franconian Theatre in Schloss Massbach has been an established name in northern Bavaria, as a private theatre with a regional state function. It is the oldest state-subsidised private theatre for guest performances in Germany. The idea of the founder, "Theatre from t... read on


The name says it all – this phrase is perfectly true of the State Spa Administration series of chamber music concerts. On the one hand, Interlude implies that the concerts take place in the months between the "Seasonal Concerts" of the Bad Brückenau Bavarian Chamber Orchestra; on the other hand,... read on

Rock, Pop, Oldies, Blues, Soul

UniMusiCum – the musicians of the State Spa Administration – play not only in the daily concerts in the Central Foyer and on Sundays for dancing: they regularly invite musicians, solo artists as well as groups from the region, to a joint evening performance in the Central Foyer. UniMusiCum &amp... read on


The figures speak a clear language: since the starting signal was given for the concert series "University Podium" in 2004, more than 100 concerts have been organised in the cupola room of the Dorint Resort & Spa Bad Brückenau . Through the long-term cooperation of the Chamber Orchestra with the f... read on