Let nature inspire you: imposing flowerbeds, impressive arrangements of roses and luxuriant tree nurseries are based on traditional structures, as are the austere, box-shaped chestnut hedges and the arcade. The transition from nature to architecture is smooth, fitting harmoniously into the elegant Castle Park as a fairytale ensemble of historic buildings. The origin of the gardens in the state spa in Bad Brückenau goes back as far as the year 1747. At that time, the Italian court architect of the Prince Abbots of Fulda, Andrea Gallasini, designed strictly symmetrically arranged gardens whose main feature was the central axis, which even today runs at right angles to the valley of the Sinn. Over the course of time, additions were made to the ensemble of buildings – especially by King Ludwig I, who used the state spa 26 times as his summer residence. These construction measures also led to an extension of the Castle Park itself. The particular charm lies in the contrast between unspoiled nature, the neighbouring meadows and woods, and this stately park. All new flowers and trees that are planted, as well as the maintenance by the gardeners of the state spa, are based on the former structure. There are numerous trees in the park, and rare kinds can be admired. Visitors marvel at the “thousand-year-old oak” in the herb garden with a circumference of seven metres, the ginkgo tree, the cucumber magnolia and the “oak hornbeam” – a mutation. The tree register, which was created in 1992 and which contains locations and care instructions, gives the gardeners an overview of the different types of trees, about 60 in all.

If you want to know more, why not go on a guided tour?

Garden enthusiasts meet every second Wednesday in the month: flower beds, tree cultures, terraces in the King’s summer residence – modern trends or traditional garden design? The Castle Park gardener knows the answers and leads you through the historic park and through the gardens for culinary and medicinal herbs. Opening hours: Access to the park is possible at any time.

Garden tours every 14 days from May to October, €2.80 per person / with guest card free of charge

Historical tour with visit to the medicinal spring lounge (5 medicinal spring waters to taste) every 14 days throughout the year, €2.80 per person / with guest card free of charge

For a tour on your favourite date, call: 0 97 41/ 802 854

Children, pupils, students: €40.00

Groups up to max. 50 persons: Monday – Friday: €45.00

Groups up to max. 50 persons: Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays: €50.00