Limes Schlossklinik Fürstenhof

Palace Hotel Fuerstenhof

In 1751 the two-floored inn “Ross” (Steed) was created as the main building. In front of the building the hillside slopes in terraces into the valley, where the axis of the main boulevard continues.

As a guest house with hall, stalls and depot it was the cultural centre of the town. In 1775 the site was extended to become a baronial summer resistance on behalf of Prince-Bishop Heinrich von Bibra. It is now called “Fuerstenhof”.

The complex of buildings with its clearly structured and high mansard hipped roofs had been used as the residence of Bavarian crown prince and later King Ludwig I of Bavaria since 1818 during his 26 stays in Bad Brueckenau. With the accession to the throne of Ludwig I the holding of court was increased; Johann Gottfried von Gutensohn (1792-1851) carried out the conversion of the stables into a cavalier building with living quarters and inns in 1823, taking account of the baroque appearance.

In 1873 the buildings are transferred to the estate of Queen Amalie of Greece. After 1875 they were privately owned; in 1924 repurchase and furnishing of the Palace Hotel. In 1978-1980 and 2002 a fundamental renovation took place. Today the Palace Hotel Fuerstenhof is an annexe of the Dorint Resort & Spa, which is located on the centre axis.