Limes Schlossklinik Fürstenhof

Spa Hall building

In 1827-1833 the monumental Spa Hall building was built according to the plans of Johann Gottfried Gutensohn next to the Spa Hotel on the west side of the spa garden. In 1826 King Ludwig I invited architects to a competition for a construction programme which was created by himself.

In the tradition of Italian Renaissance buildings there arose a construction in white sandstone with impressive dimensions of 20 metres height, 40 metres width and a length of 60 metres. The two-floored Spa Hall building with a basilica-like cross-section arises on a powerful, three metre high, square substructure. On the narrow sides broad perrons lead to the superstructure where an outwards-opening covered walkway (“Wandelgang”) with round arched pillar arcades has been laid out. The five-axis central block projects a little bit above the facades and is aligned over the upper floor structured with five round arched windows and a triangular pediment.

Inside an anteroom leads to the central, square, two-floored Spa Hall. This exclusive scene is a stage for concerts, galas, meetings and weddings. On both sides round arched pillar arcades open to domed ancillary rooms. Behind the main hall, the King Ludwig I Hall is the Lola Montez Hall, which is used for theatre events. In the upper floor, above the anteroom, is the Royal Box, which has a connection to the main hall through big round arched windows. The painting by the Munich painters Ludwig Höger and Jakob Hochbrand emphasizes the festive effect of the building with Italian renaissance ornaments made accoroding to plans by Gottfried Gutensohn.


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