Limes Schlossklinik Fürstenhof

Spa Hotel

In 1821-1823, in place of the outdated bath house of 1779, a large new building was built by order of King Ludwig I according to the plans of Leo von Klenze and under the control of the Würzburg district architect Dreyschütz.

The 13-axis, three-floored facade extends over a length of 42 metres at the park. A
risalit with a triangular pediment emphasizes the three central axes. Window forms and fascias that change floor by floor give the building a definite structure following Klenze’s Munich palace buildings. The bathing cabins were located on the ground floor and the guest rooms in the upper floor. In 1846, after the introduction of mud baths, the bath building receives an outbuilding with 12 mud bath cabins and in the year 1883 the bath rooms are renovated.

In 1910-1911 the bath house wing is created according to the plans of court architect Eugen Drollinger. He chose a baroque-like stylistic element like the Wandelhalle opposite. In 1970 bathing was stopped here.