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The history of Bad Brückenau – The Royal Spa

The history of Bad Brückenau – The Royal Spa Established in 1747 by the Fulda Prince Abbot Amand von Buseck, the State Spa of Bad Brückenau has enjoyed the reputation of a famous spa for kidney ailments for over 250 years – a reputation which today is underlined by the unique specialist clinic for nephrology, the Sinntalklinik (Sinntal Clinic) in Bad Brückenau.
The history of Bad Brückenau is inseparably linked to the “discovery” of the King Ludwig I spring by Dr. Johann Burchard Schlereth, the private physician of the Fulda Prince Abbot at that time, Amand von Buseck. He bought the surrounding plots of land and had the unique gardens of a “Kurgarten” created with baroque garden architecture, according to the plans of master builders and gardeners from Fulda. First the central axis was created as a basis for the strictly geometrical design of the Kurpark. The further construction of the State Spa was interrupted for some time by the Seven Years’ War. In 1759, Heinrich von Bibra took over responsibility for government business in Fulda. Under his leadership, the spa developed into a fashionable resort and experienced its first heyday.

When Heinrich von Bibra died in 1788, the health resort was considered to be one of the best in Germany. From 1796, the health resort was leased. After 1802 the office of Bad Brückenau belonged to the Prince of Orange-Nassau, in 1806 it came under French administration, in 1810 it fell to the Great Duchy of Frankfurt, was under Austrian management in 1813, and became Bavarian on 30 April 1816. The health resort was in the possession of the Bavarian state, with the exception of the Fürstenhof (Prince’s Court), which went straight to the royal family.

King Ludwig I ruled Bavaria from the Bad Brückenau Fürstenhof (Prince’s Court)

In 1818 the Crown Prince, later King Ludwig I of Bavaria, accompanied his spouse to Bad Brückenau. During this first visit, this idyllic gem delighted him so much that he visited the place 26 times in all. In some summers, Ludwig I ruled Bavaria from the Bad Brückenau Fürstenhof.

The spa also became famous through the king’s romance with the dancer Lola Montez, which cost him almost 5 million marks and in the end his crown.

First, however, he completed the State Spa ensemble with architectural jewels, and even today guests are still delighted by these magnificent historical buildings.