Dear Editor,

I am your contact person for press and public relations in Bad Brückenau State Spa. Use the content of the press releases for your research and initial information, and if you need any further information, simply give me a ring.

Press and public relations, State Spa Management
Frau Bettina Lange

Heinrich-von-Bibra-Straße 25
Tel.: + 49 9741 802-854
Fax: + 49 9741 802-840
eMail: lange(at)

We should be glad to open our image archive for you. The motifs of Bad Brückenau can be used free of charge to illustrate your press articles on Bad Brückenau. If you specify “Staatl. Kurverwaltung Bad Brückenau”, reprint is free of charge. You can find a selection in our image gallery.

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