Guest Card

As a receipt and written authorization the guest receives the regimen card which is a precondition for receiving of health resort treatment in the health centre.


Mineral water cure in the “Medicinal Spring Bar”, free admission to concerts and dance events with the “Staatliche Kurkapelle”; to exhibitions, participation in guided tours, guest welcoming and extended leisure programme.

Price reduction: reduction on the admission in the “Vital Spa”, in the water park “Sinnflut” and at special events.

Use: Internet studio, guests, lounge and library

Extra: With the Bad Brueckenau Regimen Card you have many benefits in the whole so-called “Bäderland der Bayerischen Rhön”, consisting of the spas Bad Bocklet, Bad Kissingen, Bad Koenigshofen and Bad Neustadt.

Who has to pay the regimen fee?

In principle, everybody who lives temporarily in the “health cure district” of the state spa without having his place of residence or