Different routes to your cure

Would you like to take a cure or spend your holiday in the State Spa? We will be pleased to advise you on accommodation and the various fitness and health options on offer.

Who would have known? The health insurance companies reward preventive health care.
It is only with competent partners that health insurance funds develop health packages whose quality and professionalism will convince you. The contents of the preventive health care programmes are put together in fixed course units of movement and relaxation. They are awarded the seal of quality “Certified according to the guidelines of the statutory health insurance system”.
In the Vital Spa of the State Spa, the health packages are certified by the AOK health insurance fund. The course units of movement/relaxation/nutrition are therefore also eligible for subsidies by your health insurance, up to a maximum of €150, and you are not tied to a specific health insurance fund. Before you set out, call your health insurance fund and ask about the health bonus!
Approval of your cure – at a glance

Different ways to apply for a cure:

Outpatient cure Inpatient cure | Private cure | Spa holiday


Outpatient cure – at a glance

  • Free choice of the date for your arrival
  • Free choice of your host in Bad Brückenau
  • Free choice of your spa doctor and spa facility

Benefits paid for by statutory health insurance

  • Costs for the spa doctor
  • Health promotion measures
  • 90% of the costs for the treatment undergone (physical therapy)
  • Up to EUR 13.00 day rate for board and lodging etc.

Benefits paid by health support

  • Day rate for board and lodging up to EUR 16.00
  • The share of the costs payable for the spa doctor and therapies must be agreed individually with the health support and the private health insurance


Inpatient cure – at a glance

Agree with the cost bearer on Bad Brückenau as the health resort and on the health facility
The selected health facility (clinic) confirms the date of arrival
Benefits paid for by statutory health insurance and pension insurance

  • Costs paid in full, with excess payable according to the cost coverage confirmed by the cost bearer

Benefits paid by health support

  • Agree with the cost bearer on costs paid by him for board and lodging
  • The share of the costs payable for the spa medicine and therapy must be agreed individually with the health support and the private health insurance.

Private cure – at a glance

Preventive health care with subsidy
On demand, your initiative is rewarded by the health insurance, and they even pay part of the costs – some more, some not so much.

  • They decide on the length of your stay and choose your preferred host (category from hotel to private room) in Bad Brückenau State Spa.
  • They determine the selection and number of therapies with the therapist, or on request also with your spa doctor in the Elisabethenhof.
  • They decide whether you can choose fee-based services from the spa doctor, and if so, which: consultation, or preliminary, interim or final examination.
  • We will draw up a tailor-made quotation without engagement in advance, for presentation to your health insurance. It contains a list of each individual service, and you know in advance which services your health insurance will pay for you, and how much you have to pay yourself.

If you have any queries, call: 0 97 41 85750 in the Vital Spa


Spa holiday – at a glance

Combine the agreeable with the useful: Many of our guests spend their holidays in Bad Brückenau, and during this time make the most of the therapy facilities and services which our traditional spa resort offers. Even a series of treatments can bring relief and provide preventive health care.
Simply bring your prescription for spa visits, massages, gymnastics or mud baths with you to Bad Brückenau. Self-pay patients simply present their private prescription with the formulated requirements.
This is what your GP does
He issues the “Medical Prescription 13”, e.g. for massages, packs or physiotherapy, and enters the date of the beginning of treatment.

This is what the team in the Vital Spa does

We make the appointments for you and carry out the treatment. We invoice your health insurance directly.

Your own share of the costs: 10% of the costs for the treatment and €10.00 per prescription.

If you have any questions about applying for a cure, we shall be pleased to help you any time, at ….