While the water is slightly acidic and mineral in taste, the unusually high content of dissolved carbon dioxide gives this low-mineral natural water its something special. A large number of trace elements supplement its favourable composition.

High uric acid level in the blood, supporting treatment for stomach, intestine, liver and gallbladder diseases, diabetes, circulatory disorders, also prophylactically for occlusive arterial diseases and restricted functionality, draining urinary tracts and diseases of the kidneys and bladder.

One liter water of the Bad Brückenau “Vital” spring contains:


Natrium (Na+)

4,6 mg

Kalium (K+)

12,5 mg

Magnesium (Mg2+)

21,1 mg

Calcium (Ca2+)

75,2 mg

Eisen (Fe)

2,04 mg

Mangan (Mn2+)

0,15 mg


Chlorid (Cl–)

1,5 mg

Sulfat (SO42–)

138 mg

Hydrogencarbonat (HCO3–)

175 mg

Fluorid (F–)

0,15 mg

Nitrat (NO3–)

unter 1 mg

Gaseous substances:

Freies Kohlendioxid (CO2)

2.543 mg