King Ludwig 1.-Spring

Steel spring, first edged 1747, 1965 sinked a borehole to 300 metres of depth. Very big flow. The carbonic acidic water with very small bubbles has a high content of iron, calcium and magnesium, which is well absorbable. It is particularly valuable because the content of potassium is higher than that of sodium. Used in baths, it develops a mechanical, thermal and chemical effect.

Anaemia, heart and circulation suffering, circulation dysfunction, vegetative disorders

A litre of water contains:


Natrium (Na+)

3,2 mg

Kalium (K+)

11,5 mg

Magnesium (Mg2+)

24,5 mg

Calcium (Ca2+)

63,0 mg

Eisen (Fe)

4,93 mg


0,28 mg


Chlorid (Cl–)

4,6 mg

Sulfat (SO42–)

136 mg

Hydrogencarbonat (HCO3–)

160 mg

Fluorid (F–)

0,51 mg

Nitrat (NO3–)

unter 1 mg