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Vital Spa Staatsbad Bad Brückenau

A feel-good experience, there and back

As a paradise for those who want to opt out of hectic everyday life for a short time, the romantic State Spa of Bad Brückenau is unbeatable.

Peace, plenty of fresh air and nature as far as the eye can see: here the wild, romantic Rhön region, there the sea of flowers in the Castle Park with fairy-tale buildings, and next door the lively life in this small Franconian town.

 Pure relaxation for the senses comes by itself – for the rest there is the Vital Spa and its special offers to pamper you. As a guest in the Dorint Resort & Spa, you can take the comfortable “bath robe route” from your room directly into the Vital Spa.

These hosts will pamper you in the Vital Spa:

Hotel Jägerhof with massage, indoor swimming pool and sauna

Badhotel Bad Brückenau with massage

Regena Gesundheits-Resort with massage, baths, indoor swimming pool, sauna/Helena thermal spring