Nordic Walking

The concept of Nordic walking causes new zest for life and desire on nature.
The whole body gently regains its verve, without gasping for breath. It is suitable for every age. The physical fitness increases, the heart practices stamina and the immune system is strengthened at the same time.

Everybody determines the speed for himself, so you can keep a clear head for the experience in the nature. All in all that is a excellent compensation for body and mind. By experts Nordic Walking is known as a secret weapon against aging.

The E.ON Bayern DSV nordic aktiv Zentrum Bad Brueckenau leads on five certified routes through the marvelous natural landscape, passing historical buildings, to sights.

ec2b80806bBeginners and professionals alone or in a group with or without instructions discover their favorite route.

Information about meetings and stick rental, Nordic Walking map at the Guest Information of the Staatl. Kurverwaltung, tel. +49 9741 802-0, info(at)

Flyer Nordic Walking