What you should know …

Responsible for the fulfilment of the conditions is the single host. There will be no liability for non-performance by the Tourist Info or the “Staatliche Kurverwaltung”. They do not act as a travel agent.

Rights and Obligations of the Hotel Reservations Contract
Issued by the Committee for Hotels and Related Enterprises of the German Hotel and Restaurant Association (DEHOGA).

The contract between guest and host is considered concluded as soon as the room has been reserved and the reservation confirmed, or – in the event that there is no time for confirmation – as soon as the room has been reserved. The contract when concluded obliges both contractual partners to fulfillment of all contract conditions, regardless of the length of time for which the contract has been concluded.

The host is obligated, in case the booked room is not available, to make good the damages to the guest. The guest is obligated, in case of non-occupancy of the room or non-use of other contract benefits, to pay the agreed price for such, or the normal hotel price, minus any savings of expense made by the hotelier.

For further information and/or reservation please contact the Tourist Info or the “Staatliche Kurverwaltung”.